Is Shyness Bad? Here’s The Pros And Cons Of Being Shy


Is shyness good or bad? For many shy people, it’s a difficult question to answer. They don’t know if it would be better to accept themselves as they are, or to to try and change the way they are. For many this is a difficult struggle to figure out.

In this article I will give you both sides of the issue so you can come to your own decision. If you do decide shyness is something you would like to overcome, then I’ll give you a couple of resources at the bottom of this article to start doing so.

Before I get into the cons of shyness, let’s take a look at some of the good things that come with shyness, the first one is more alone time to do whatever you like. If you are shy, you have plenty of time for any solitary activities you’d like to do, including reading, drawing, writing, thinking, and so on. You never have to compromise for someone else and do something you’re not very enthusiastic about. Shyness also lets you become more deeply interested in any hobbies you may have. Many shy people find they are able to get very good at playing their favorite video games because they have so much time to practice.

On the other hand, there are also many bad things about being shy. The biggest one is loneliness. You may start to feel isolated from other people if you are too shy to make at least a couple friends. If you are very shy, then you may not be able to ask out that girl or guy you are attracted to. You might also reject many opportunities to go out and have fun because of your fear of meeting new people. You will not be able to enjoy parties as much. You will find it harder to find a job and relate to your coworkers. Overall, your life would become more independent of other people. Many people who are shy also have insecurities and low self-esteem. Shyness makes you more alone, on both the outside and inside.

In summary, the main benefit of shyness is more free time, the downside is that you may have no one to spend that time with. Now that you know both the benefits and downsides to being shy, will you choose to accept it or try to overcome it? The choice is up to you.

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